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Our Seacret

SEACRET is the exclusive name behind the luxurious skin care and spa product line, based on salt, water, mud and ancient – perhaps even mystical – minerals, found in only one place on earth: the Dead Sea.

SEACRET is a globally renowned cosmetic company that offers a wide range of products for men and women. The unique combination of innovative technology and healing Dead Sea minerals and natural ingredients transforms SEACRET into an exclusive, sought-after, and high-quality brand.

The Dead Sea is situated at the lowest point on Earth – and also the saltiest. It contains salt at a concentration level 10 times higher than other oceans, and its waters are saturated in minerals, 12 of which are unique only to the Dead Sea. The minerals found in the Dead Sea and its sediment mud are known all over the world for their healing, renewal, and rejuvenation properties.

A leading international company, SEACRET is committed to using advanced technologies, strict laboratory testing, and clinical research in the manufacture of its products, with a strong emphasis on innovation and expertise.

SEACRET products are available for purchase on this website, and from hundreds of sales points around the world, including shopping malls in North America, Australia, Japan, India,
South America and Europe – with new locations around the world constantly added to the list.

Our Three Promises:

  1. We promise never to compromise on the quality of our products. Besides a short visit to the Dead Sea, SEACRET Spa products are the best way to access a pure source of Dead Sea goodness, and the essential benefits of its minerals, salt, and mud.
  2. We promise to serve you with outstanding customer service. Not sure how to use a product? Have a question or suggestion? Please contact our customer service. Your trust is very important to us, and we promise to work hard to maintain it.
  3. We promise to manage our business with honesty and fairness. At SEACRET, we are fully committed to uncompromising integrity in everything we do. We strongly maintain a philosophy of transparency in every aspect of business ethics.