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Salicylic Acid- Benefits

Salicylic Acid

The patent was granted to a novel material structure, for improving skin appearance and wrinkle reduction. The material is composed of microstructures made from silica-tiny particles. These microstructures resemble small spheres filled with either air or liquid and made of double layers of silica-tiny particles. Other microstructures resemble ligaments, and others are a kind of hydrogel in which the other structures are suspended. Some particles are hydrophilic, namely water-loving, and some are hydrophobic or water-repelling. This duality grants special properties to the cosmetic composition made of the material: it has a high affinity to the skin (which has watery and oily zones), so it remains on the skin for many hours, as an invisible layer, even after washing the skin. The material contracts after spreading, and provides the appearance of flattening wrinkles.

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