Nail Care Collection

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Nail Care Collection

  • Hyperallergenic
  • Dead Sea
  • Not Tested Animals
  • araben Free

All Skin Types

A special, easy way to care for your nails, This package contains the following items:
  • Body Lotion
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Nail File
  • Buffing Block
6.8 FL.OZ/200 mL

How to use

  • Nail File: Start the nail care process with the nail file to shape the tip of the nails and get the complete look. Start at the outer edge of one nail, at a 45 to 90 degree angle against the edge, along the nail towards the center. Repeat until the desired shape is achieved.
  • Buffing Block:

    Step 1 - Use the blue coarse side of the cube every 4 weeks for about 5 seconds. This will smooth

    the natural nail surface, clean ridges and stains off the nail.

    Step 2 - Use the grey soft side of the cube every 2 weeks for about 5 seconds, for a flawless polish.

    Step 3 - Use the white silky side of the cube every 2 weeks to buff to a perfect gloss manicure. Cleaning instructions: The buffer should be cleaned periodically with a dry, clean cloth.

  • Cuticle Oil: Rub oil on cuticle and surrounding skin, and massage until fully absorbed. Use once a week.
  • Body Lotion: Apply as needed and massage gently until fully absorbed.


  • Achieve beautifully shiny nails with this easy-to-use manicure and pedicure kit.
  • Smooth and perfect polish, revealing natural, healthy looking nails.
  • Nourishing cuticle oil for healthier nails and softer cuticles.
  • The Body Lotion is absorbed quickly, provides hydration while helping to prevent moisture loss.