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How to Maintain Self-Care While Working from Home

Transitioning from an office life to a work-from-home routine can be challenging, especially if unexpected or unplanned. If you’ve all of a sudden started spending all day indoors, day after day, it can be easy to lose motivation and slip into bad self-care habits. And that’s all the more why a regular and consistent self-care regimen must be an essential part of your new normal.

Here are some self-care tips for remote workers on how to continue to feel and look great:

How to practice self-care while working from home

For most people, working from home means gaining some spare time. So, why not use it to bolster your well-being? Try a free online meditation class or turn on some classical music and rest your eyes. Look up exercise videos for your fitness level and walk the dog more often, if you have one. Make excuses to move whether it’s going up and down the stairs or doing some stretching. 

Did you know that staring at screens for a long time can cause both short- and long-term eye problems? When you work from home, not only do you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, but you also look at short distances most of the time. To relieve eye fatigue, open the window and gaze softly at the distance for at least twenty minutes a day. If you take walks, avoid looking at your phone. Look at the distance instead. Incorporate this into your DIY self-care routine. 

 As tempting as it may be, try to stay away from junk food and choose healthier, lower calorie options. Cook whenever you can, instead of ordering meals in. Shop online for food as it will give you more control over what you buy and what you eventually end up eating. 

To feel less lonely, especially if you live on your own, schedule regular video calls with friends and family. You can have your meals or have a cup of coffee together. Share time with them and reveal your vulnerabilities and hardships to those you trust. Having support and community is all the more important for people who spend most of their time alone. 

Self-Care While Working from Home

Maintaining a beauty routine from home 

Now that you mostly don’t have to wear makeup, put products on your hair or color on your nails, you can take the time to treat your skin, hair, and nails to an extra dose of long overdue TLC. Here we share with you three simple beauty rules for effortlessly navigating self-isolation. When it’s over, you’ll come out looking better than before.

1- Keep up with your regular skincare routine 

Whatever routines you had before you started working from home e.g. cleanser, serum and moisturizer in the morning, weekly masks etc. do your best to maintain them. You shouldn’t lose sight of your long-term beauty goals just because you aren’t going out this week. 

Skipped your routine in the morning? Make sure to go back to it in the evening. Apply a nourishing mask to compensate for the routine you skipped. If the days start to feel the same and blur into each other, start keeping a beauty calendar where you mark the days you were on top of your routine. Record the products you applied. This can help motivate you.  

 2- Add an extra treatment or two to your routine 

Now that you don’t have to commute, why not use that time for your skin? Massage your morning products into your skin longer and deeper. Add serum to your routine if you still haven’t started using one. Apply eye serum as well as eye cream to boost your screen-tired eyes. Seacret Age Defying Revive Eye Serum and Seacret Eye Booster cream are formulated to cool, refresh, and boost the delicate eye area. 

Don’t have a video meeting this afternoon?
Perfect - get your hands on a new face mask to create your own spa-like self-care session. You can use Seacret Aqua Blast Lanseal Mask for intense hydration and smoothing effects or Seacret Age Reverse Cupra Mask for whitening and anti-wrinkle action. 

In the seclusion of your own home, experiment with new products or treatments.
Never did your own manicure before? It might be time to give it a try.

3-Give yourself a DIY manicure

If you’re like most women, you always wear nail polish. But just like skin, nails need oxygen to stay healthy. Not wearing nail polish during this isolation time can give your nails a much needed break to breathe. This doesn’t mean you won’t take care of your nails. With a DIY manicure, you can keep your nails clean, healthy and strong, prepping them for post-isolation polish-readiness.

There are countless manicure tutorials to watch and learn from – and as a bonus, you now have the time and the space to practice. Get Seacret Nail Care Collection which gives you an all-in-one, easy way to care for your nails. It comes with a convenient multi-purpose buffing block, a gentle yet effective nail file, nourishing cuticle oil and softening body lotion. Take this time to explore new products and learn DIY skills that can stay with you for a lifetime.

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