Best Skincare Tips for Winter

Finally, winter! You can stop worrying about dehydration, sunburns, split ends, and freckles, and concentrate on hot chocolate and ear muffs. Sadly, it turns out that winter can be just as bad for your skin as the sun – maybe even worse. The outdoor wind and indoor heating can do some serious damage to your skin and cause severe dryness. Luckily, there are some easy ways to deal with winter dryness. We put together a few skincare tips so you are not left out in the cold:


We tend to think that since it’s cold out, we can drink less water. You may not get dehydration headaches in the winter, but your skin is crying out in agony: healthy, nourished skin needs to be watered, so to speak. Up your daily water drinking quota and check out SEACRET’s solution: Intensive Moisture Night Cream. This night Cream is bursting with Dead Sea Minerals that replenish your skin’s lost moisture in nutrients like Vitamin A and E, powerful anti-oxidants. The minerals also have a healing, rejuvenating effect; leaving you feeling like you spent the day in a sauna.


Another must-have winter accessory is the humidifier. Humidifiers pump water into the air really gently – you won’t end up being soaked, but your skin will absorb the humidity it needs to stay balanced. If you don’t feel like sitting in fumes all day long, get SEACRET’s Moisturizing Face Cream. Like SEACRET’s other products, it is based on Dead Sea minerals and has a relaxing effect on both skin and muscles. It’s also a multi-vitamin compound for maximum protection against Free-Radicals. If you want to go all out and highlight your natural youthful look – use SEACRET’s Age-Defying Refresh Vitamin-rich Moisturizer, which has unique peptides and anti-aging agents.

Clothing and Showers

Hot showers are good for the skin”, right? Wrong! Hot showers wash away the natural oils TOO effectively, setting the ground for some serious dryness. Avoid really hot showers and baths and go for warm showers. It’s annoying, but take comfort in knowing your skin is grateful. Also, stay out of wet clothes. All those damp scarves and gloves make your skin itchy, scratchy, and irritable.

Nourishing dry skin

The Oil Factor: skin dryness also depends on oil glands spread out through our bodies. Lips and feet are literally hanging out to dry – there are fewer oil glands in those areas. SEACERT comes to the rescue: SEACRET’s Mud Therapy for Hand and Foot Cream provides moisturizing relief enriched with effective nourishing ingredients, mud, and minerals from the Dead Sea and are exceptionally nourishing to the body and skin.

Removing damaged Skin

The skin generation cycle doesn’t take a winter break: old skin layers still need to shed and the cells need to regenerate. This process happens naturally, but we can speed it up and stimulate the new skin cell growth with SEACRET’s Salt and Oil Scrub, compounded from natural salts and minerals from the Dead Sea. Get an even more glowing effect on your skin: apply SEACRET’s Body Butter after the Salt and Oil Scrub. The Body Butter’s nourishing blend of Vitamins, herbal extracts, natural oils, Shea, and Cocoa butter feeds your skin the ingredients it needs and rejuvenates it. The secret is in giving your body the moisture it needs. Stick to these tips and your skin will have a healthy, smooth, happy winter.