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3 Travel Beauty Essentials You Should Always Have with You

Traveling is one of the best ways to open your mind and heart to the world – but not always the best way to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. At home, you might have a consistent, nourishing skin care routine, one that perhaps took a long time to get just right. Yet when traveling, even if you could take ALL your cherished products with you, there will always be several factors that will be beyond your control – the dry air on the plane, the destination climate, the quality of water etc.

There’s also the thrill of travel that can make it easy to forget to cleanse or moisturize properly.  When you get back to your hotel – or your tent, depending on how adventurous you are – at the end of a long day of exploring and sightseeing, you may be too tired to go through your skincare routine. Step 1, step 2… it might feel too much.

The truth is, not all your “essentials” are actually essential when it’s time to hit the road or take the next flight out. Especially if you’re traveling with just a carry-on, it’s a good idea to know which products are absolute must-haves, and which ones can be left behind for the week. Plus, fewer products can mean a shorter skincare routine, one that fits your vacation schedule better, making it one that you are more likely to stick to.

Here are the three non-negotiable travel skincare essentials for blissful skin and a blissful voyage.

  1. Moisturizer

    Always one of the top holiday skin care tips for a reason – wherever you are in the world, whether you’re onboard an icebreaker cruise in the Arctic or enjoying the tropical weather in the rainforest of Costa Rica, the best travel skincare routine always includes moisturizer. For dry skin, Seacret’s Intensive Moisture Face Cream provides intense hydration. For normal or combination skin, choose Seacret’s Essential Moisture Face Cream.

    Pro tip: If it’s summer and/or the sun feels strong, remember, summer skin care means applying not just moisturizer but also SPF. If you’re traveling light, you may want to use a product that offers moisturizing and SPF at the same time, such as Seacret’s BB Cream SPF15 – it’s a light blend of moisturizer, foundation, and SPF 15. If you have ongoing or travel-caused redness or sallowness, opt for Seacret’s CC Cream SPF15 – a lightweight color-correcting cream that offers light coverage and moisture.

  2. Cleanser

    Travel skincare must include thorough cleansing especially if you’re exploring a big city (think: dirty air, cars, fumes), camping around a fire (think: heat, sweat, elements), or have traveled to another country (think: change of climate, water etc.). A good cleanser must be a part of your skin care while traveling – go for Seacret’s Pure Salt Cleanse & Polish Facial Wash. With an incredible 62% Dead Sea Salt concentration, it has the superpower to cleanse any impurity.

  3. Eye care

    Most travel beauty tips leave eye care out which we believe is a cardinal mistake. Sleeping on the plane, changing time zones, getting up earlier than usual to be able to go sightseeing can all take a toll on your eyes and the delicate area around them.

    Pro tip: Best travel beauty products are those that are small in size and big in effect. Seacret’s Eye Booster Cooling & Refreshing Gel is one such product – takes up very little space in your bag yet provides extreme moisture through a potent formula and an innovative ceramic applicator, eliminating the risk of bacteria from your hands.