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Serum – Is it Really Necessary for Your Beauty Routine?

Here’s an educated guess – half of all women, at least, wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly what face serum is; also, we can reasonably assume that these same women have a serum jar sitting on their vanity table. The truth? We totally get it. Serum is somewhat of a mystery. It’s a lotion with a pleasant, smooth application, more liquid in texture than cream, and many times it leaves the skin with instant radiance that’s hard to compete with.

Balancing Facial Serum

So, what exactly is “serum”?

Serum is a complex that contains a high concentration of active ingredients, such as fruit extracts, different vitamins (C and E for example), various derivatives of vitamin A, and more. These ingredients come in the form of tiny molecules, including liposomes, molecules that are 300 times smaller than skin cells containing essential ingredients that deplete as the skin ages. According to global data, sales of serum increase significantly in the winter, when two things happen at the same time: cold weather which creates the need for intensive hydration and nourishment for the skin, and the desire of women to use even more and varied products to nourish their skin in the best possible way.

Is it worth it for me to buy serum?

Like just about everything else, the answer is complicated and can be found in another question: what is the condition of your skin? What does it mostly need? If you feel that hydration alone is enough, then a high-quality moisturizing cream with good ingredients will do the trick. But if you’re talking about other functions, like brightening, firming or anti-aging, then you should definitely consider using a serum.

How can I choose the right serum for me?

In order of priority, according to the needs of your skin. If, for example, your skin is dry, then look for a serum based on vitamin E (the leading antioxidant), mandelic acid (which boosts metabolism in the deep skin layers and refreshes the skin), and hyaluronic acid (which adds hydration). If your skin is oily, then go for a serum with vitamin C (increases collagen production), salicylic acid (gently peels the skin) and retinol (powerful regenerator). And if your skin is wrinkled or lined, then choose a serum with peptides and antioxidants.

Age Defying RESTORE Serum

What’s the best way to apply serum?

It’s worth knowing serum should be applied after cleansing the skin, and before applying moisturizing cream and makeup. Why? When you apply a few different products, the first layer should always be the one that contains the smallest molecules. It is recommended to apply serum twice a day – morning and night – but if this is difficult for you, then start with the evening, when you’ve got more time to cleanse and nourish. By the way, there’s no need to wait till the serum is fully absorbed. You can apply serum and then move on to moisturizing cream straight away.

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