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The Secret of Youth

The level of moisture in the skin is the main factor for maintaining a fresh look. Biological processes such as transmission of inter-cellular messages, cell division and renewal or repair require a watery environment to be properly active. When skin suffers from dryness – when its internal-natural level of hydration is low – all its activities become slower and the process of aging accelerates. Drinking sufficient quantities of water is a good start for maintaining the skin’s moisture levels, but it is not enough. The skin also requires an external supply of moisture, through application, which also creates a natural protective shield and conducts vitamins and nutrients into its deepest levels of the skin to moderate or prevent the evaporation of the skin’s natural moisture.

Hydration – The skin “drinks” during the day

Our skin’s required a 70% level of hydration in order to protect itself and overcome the environmental damages. Maintaining a proper level of hydration helps keep it healthy and prevents early aging.

Nutrition – The skin is “feeds” during the night

Our skin repairs the daily damages of wear during the night, therefore, providing it with the necessary nutritious, energy generating ingredients is imperative to conserve the proper functionality of all the skin layers and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

How to choose a moisturizing product?

The moisturizer is adjusted to the skin type and its needs. For example, skin suffering from dryness requires a rich texture that replenishes its moisture while creating a protective shield/barrier that helps retain the natural moisture and prevent its evaporation. Skin that suffers from excess secretion of oils prefers a lighter texture that is quickly absorbed leaving the skin smooth and oil-free.

The chronological age also affects the choice of moisturizing product. At a young age it is important to maintain the proper level of natural skin moisture and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. The water of the Dead Sea contains minerals that help young skin counteract environmental damages and preserve the vitality of the cells while maintaining a regular skin renewal process and balanced texture.

At a mature age, when the skin’s metabolism slows down and the facial signs of ageing are more visible, we recommend using SEACRET Spa Age Defying range based on rich formulas of nourishing and replenishing ingredients, together with the essential Dead Sea minerals and moisturizing agents.

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