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SEACRETs Recover Matrix Advantage

The existing anti-wrinkle and anti-aging solutions
The anti-wrinkles cosmetics market utilizes advanced technologies. Modern anti-wrinkle technologies include:

  • Collagen pre-cursors, such as palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 and palmitoyl oligopeptide-3. When delivered into the dermis, they stimulate collagen production and thickening the epidermis.
  • Muscle relaxers ("Botox" replacements), such as acetyl hexappeptide-3. Blocking nerve signals, they numb the muscles that create and emphasize wrinkles.
  • Skin rejuvenating compounds, including anti-oxidants, oils, vitamins, and others. Examples include alpha-lipoic acid, vitamin C, vitamin A, dimethylaminoethanol, copper peptide, and many others. Their efficacy is largely still investigated.
  • Optical light diffusers. Lighting shaded areas inside the wrinkle creates the illusion of a shallower wrinkle.
  • Fillers

The SEACRET solution

SEACRET has a singular approach to wrinkle reduction: stimulating the skin into self-healing using nano-physical action. The other solutions follow the approach of bio-chemical intervention with the skin's bio-activity. The unique approach is possible due to SEACRET's Recover Matrix, a three-dimensional structure (unlike a mixture) designed to achieve various goals that surpass any other product on the market:

Physical rather than bio-chemical activity.

SEACRET Matrix lifts wrinkles, clears impurities, and rejuvenates the skin without bio-chemical ingredients, relying on purely physical actions.

Self-adaptive wrinkle flattening.

The SEACRET Matrix exerts its flattening forces only on wrinkles, and not on flat skin areas. Recover Matrix, a nano-particles network, is exceptional in creating a continuation of the skin, adhering to the uneven skin surface on a microscopic level. The skin inside the wrinkle is physically pulled outward to its natural position. This selective action is unique, and focuses the rejuvenation energies where they are really required.

Immediate effect coupled with long-term effect.

Another unique feature of Recover Matrix is the immediate effect – wrinkle reduction happens within minutes – coupled with long-term effect. The immediate effect lasts for several hours. However, the wrinkle does not return to its previous sunken state, as rejuvenated skin cells under the wrinkle push the wrinkle outward, making it shallower. With each additional application, Recover Matrix coaxes the skin into increasingly healthy state, thus flattening the wrinkle.

Self-adaptation to local skin blemishes.

The skin is uneven at the microscopic and the macroscopic levels. Tiny inflammatory spots, blemishes, fine and deep wrinkles, various skin types – all requiring specific

Deep cleansing and dead cell removal.

Recover Matrix is based on nano-silica, a material with enormous surface area. The silica adsorbs materials from the skin, physically and gently. Such materials include impurities and toxins the body naturally disposes of, as well as dead cells. Even hours after application, Recover Matrix keeps adsorbing impurities the now-revitalized cells expel. Moreover, Recover Matrix dislodges the plaque of dead cells at the bottom of deep wrinkles. This plaque prevents the physically maintains the wrinkle shape. These unique cleansing and dead cell dislodging powers of Recover Matrix play an important role with true rejuvenation.

Relieving cells into self-healing.

Skin cells under a wrinkle are in a very distressed state, caused by the physical compression of the wrinkle. In this state, blood and nutrients supply is limited, and impurities cannot be cleared. Recover Matrix neutralizes this physical push with physical pull. The stressed cells regain normal conditions and start a self-healing process. Repeating this process further improves their condition. Naturally, their resurrected strength better supports the wrinkle force, flattening it.

Avoiding wrinkle fixation.

The Recover Matrix approach avoids fixation of the problem, namely the skin wrinkle. Before letting a fractured bone self-heal, it must be set. Before letting collagen, elastin and the active local skin cells reshape, the fractured skin (wrinkle) must be set to a normal flat position. Recover Matrix is unique in doing so.

On-demand bio-enhancers supply.

For problematic skin, some bio-enhancers are generally recognized as beneficial (e.g. sea buckthorn oil for inflammatory skin). Unlike other products, Recover Matrix serves as a controlled reservoir of such additives for the skin. Indiscriminating delivery of bio-enhancers to healthy skin zones is unnecessary, and at times undesirable. Recover Matrix regulates delivery of such bio-enhancers into each skin zone by demand, for many hours.


Self-healing is the ideal rejuvenation mechanism. The human body has complex self-healing mechanism, but over time material fatigue and repetitive stress take their toll. Recover Matrix restores optimal condition for the skin as the primary goal. Afterwards, only at the right place, the right time, the right rate and under the right conditions, additional beneficial substances may be employed, as a secondary measure.

True measurable impact.

Recover Matrix works. Minutes after its application, the effect is evident, without any visual trickery, as confirmed by professional labs.

Safe nanotechnology.

Recover Matrix is a large continuous network made from nano-particles. It does not deliver single nano-particles into the skin, nor penetrate the dermis with nano-capsules. The advantages of nanotechnology are utilized in the safest possible way.


Recover Matrix, using sophisticated nano-particles network and purely physical actions, stimulates the body into self-healing and rejuvenation. Physical obstacles that stand in the skin's way to recuperate are physically removed, and an immediate and long-term effect is evident.

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