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Clinical Study Results Show Benefits of Seacret Shampoo Regimen

A clinical study performed by Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences confirms 90% of participants reported an improvement in the scalp after two weeks.

Scalp condition directly impacts the quality of the hair as well as the quantity and retention of it. More than just a cosmetic issue, certain scalp conditions can lead to daily sensitivity, discomfort, itchiness, and even hair loss. As it leads to so many types of problems, scalp health can affect the way people feel about themselves including self-esteem and self-image.  

The skin on the scalp is not the same as skin elsewhere. It is thicker. It carries more blood. It also has more hairs, sweat glands, and sebaceous glands that produce sebum (oil) – all making the scalp a completely different skin category than the face and the body.

What is sebum and why is it produced?

The sebaceous glands in the scalp produce and secrete sebum to protect the hair and to maintain optimum scalp moisture. Sometimes described as “nature’s skin cream,” normal sebum levels are meant to be good for the scalp.

When there’s little sebum production, the scalp becomes dry. When there’s more sebum production than actually needed i.e. hyperactive sebaceous glands, scalp becomes oily. This oil can clog hair follicles, affect the pH balance of the scalp, and affect hair quality.

Under or overproduction happen due to stress, age-related hormonal changes, humidity, genetic disposition, or diet. Certain serious diseases of the skin may also cause dryness or excess oil, in which case you should consult a dermatologist as soon as possible.

The 2019 Clinical Study

As recent as 2019, a clinical study was conducted at the Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences in Seoul, on the effectiveness of SEACRET Pure Salt Purifying Hair & Scalp Shampoo in reducing sebum production and flakiness.

The trial was conducted on 23 women over the age of 20, with the average being 46. SEACRET Pure Salt Purifying Hair & Scalp Shampoo was tested on subjects’ hair and scalp twice a week over a period of two weeks, on two specific areas: at the top and back of the scalp.


The trial subjects were examined for two issues: scalp flakiness and levels of sebum production. Scalp flakiness was measured with the Keratin Sticker, developed by the Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences, and the Image Analyzing Program of the US National Institutes of Health. Sebum production was analyzed by advanced German-developed derma-testing technology, the Sebumeter.

Measurements were taken of the trial subjects’ scalps at the beginning of the two-week trial period, and again at the end of the trial period, noting any changes in levels of flakiness and oiliness.

The results

Following two weeks of treatment with SEACRET Pure Salt Purifying Hair & Scalp Shampoo:

  • 60% of subjects showed improvement in scalp flaking as measured by the Keratin Sticker
  • 43% showed decreased sebum production as measured by the Sebumeter
  • In addition, over 90% of participants stated that they felt a sensation of improved cleansing, freshness, and hydration.

The Formula

SEACRET Pure Salt Purifying Hair & Scalp Shampoo contains 73% Dead Sea salt which is in magnesium, potassium and calcium. It is fortified with plant oils that are rich in fiber, vitamins A & C, and omega-3 fatty acids for anti-inflammatory benefits.