Red Algae Products

In a world where our skin is continuously under attack through air pollution, car fumes, sun’s rays, changing climates, and countless other everyday stressors, it’s no wonder so many of us suffer from premature signs of skin aging. Our environment wears down our skin’s top layer, weakening its barrier function, and leading to visible wrinkles, lines, and creases.

If you use skincare products, you probably already know that topically applied antioxidant-rich products help protect the skin and defend against damage. Most likely, you’re familiar with the amazing skin-transforming effects of Vitamins A, C, and E. Now sit back and take note – it’s about to get much better.

Meet naturally sulphated polysaccharides from Red Microalgae Porphyridium Cruentum, an exceptional ingredient to achieve exceptional skin. It can redefine your skin and keep it looking its best. Also known for its extraordinary moisture-retaining properties, sulphated polysaccharides from Red Microalgae make for a miracle ingredient in any skincare formula.

Sounds unfamiliar or complicated? Let’s break it down.


Polysaccharides are active bio-compounds that are synthesized by marine algae. Research on microalgae has consistently highlighted the importance of polysaccharides, especially of marine origin, which has been proven to have positive effects on the skin. Specifically, polysaccharides exhibit what’s called an “inhibitory effect” on the enzymes involved in the degradation of skin.

The marine microalga Porphyridum Cruentum is a red alga. When it undergoes stress, it synthesizes and secretes high amounts of naturally sulfated polysaccharides – note that this sulfate is not the same as the chemical sulfates found in some beauty products, as red algae create their own natural sulfates.


During aging, skin becomes thinner and fragile, and it progressively loses its natural elasticity and the ability to maintain hydration. When extracted and used in cosmetic formulas, naturally sulfated polysaccharides help form a protective layer on the skin, deliver moisture-retaining properties, and provide significant antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-hyaluronidase as well as anti-elastase activity. Thus, it helps fight against loss of water, elasticity, and other signs of skin aging.

Thanks to its comfortable texture, the red algae-derived sulfated polysaccharide is a fabulous thickening and texturing agent, making lotions, creams, and masks easily spreadable. A good formula should not only have powerful and natural ingredients but should also be easy to apply on the skin, without tugging, pulling, rubbing, or irritation. Red algae-derived sulfated polysaccharide delivers exactly that: intense nourishment and supreme comfort.

Given its impressive skin-conditioning properties, sulfated polysaccharides from red microalga make for a phenomenal ingredient in any skincare formula, including products in your daily skincare routine. You can use red microalga-derived sulfated-polysaccharides-infused products every day to help protect your skin against premature aging resulting from daily environmental stressors and free radicals, among others.


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