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From History to Modern (Isolation) Days: Nail Care Facts and Tips

Only a few months ago, nobody could conceptualize the extent of disruptions we’d experience. With self-isolation having thrown our lives (and our salon appointments) into disarray, many of us are struggling with upkeep. Is your gel manicure overgrown? Don’t know where to buy an easy-to-use nail care set? Got a few minutes to learn some fun facts about the history of nail care? This post is for you.

The Fascinating History of Nail Care

Dating back to the start of civilized humanity – from ancient Babylonian men who used nail color to signal class to Cleopatra and Nefertiti, the sassy Egyptian pioneers of unapologetic beauty who donned bold red nails – the history of manicures and pedicures is way more interesting than you think.

The Babylonians loved their nails so much they created the world’s first mani-pedi set. Made from gold, these lavish tool sets were a luxury reserved for rulers and a small group of ultra-well-to-do. The Babylonians used kohl to create color while the Egyptians opted for oils and henna. Chinese royals were also big on nail care and used a mixture of beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, and vegetable dyes to create different shades

Evolving Nail Trends

Until the 1920’s, when nail polish as we know it was invented, most women wore gloves. World War I changed many things, among them women’s participation in the workforce. Working hands shed their gloves and needed a brand-new solution to maintain beautiful hands and nails. Newly established cosmetics companies came to the rescue, creating products that delivered moisture, cuticle softening, and skin relief. 

When it comes to nail design, in the 1930s, movie stars’ fabulous nails on the screen gave birth to the half-moon technique – a nail art design that uses two contrasting shades of polish with the lighter one at the base and the darker one at the tips. The 1970’s saw the invention and rise of the still-popular French manicure. Come 80s and 90s, experimentation with colors, embellishments, and prints became the norm. People also began filing their nails into squares as opposed to the traditional almond shape

facts about the history of nail care

New tips for a centuries-old art

From gel manicure to all-natural styles, modern day women have many options to choose from. Yet, throughout history and today, one thing has remained the same – healthy and good-looking nails are a status symbol, and as much an accessory as the latest it-item.

Trimming the nails, shaping them, doing cuticle work and buffing all contribute to beautiful hands and nails. Here are some fresh new tips you can apply for your next manicure and pedicure.

1. DIY whenever you can – mastering the at-home mani-pedi will serve you well anytime. Get an easy-to-use nail care set such as Seacret Nail Care Collection and practice taking care of your nails at home. Even if you are a regular at the salon, you must care for your nails in-between appointments. This includes moisturizing your hands and nails, applying oil to the cuticles, and fixing torn or broken nails.

2. Rethink your techniques- Always be gentle with your nail bed, nails, and the way you file. Protect the nail from splitting and tearing by filing in one direction only. The same goes for buffing. Once a week, apply cuticle oil on each cuticle and the surrounding skin, massaging it gently and patiently until it’s fully absorbed. The cuticle oil that comes with Seacret Nail Care Collection provides extra nourishment for healthier nails and softer cuticles.

3. Got overgrowing gel manicure? Don't peel it off by hand as it can damage your natural nails. You can make the grow-out zone less visible by buffing the line between the gel and your natural nail using Seacret Nail Buffer. You can then apply regular nail polish over your gels.

4. Use a gentle scrub on your hands to exfoliate dead skin cells. Formulas that contain oils will make sure to keep your hands soft and smooth while removing impurities and excess skin. Powered by Dead Sea minerals and essential oils, Seacret Salt & Oil Scrub provides gentle exfoliation while delivering a potent dose of skin-pampering ingredients.

5. Finish your at-home mani-pedi treatment with a rich lotion such as Seacret Ocean Mist Body Lotion, available as part of the nail care collection and separately. Absorbed quickly, this deeply nourishing formula provides intense hydration and helps to prevent moisture loss.

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