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Lately, we've noticed there's a 'Gold Rush' in beauty care. Although the cosmetic benefits of gold were already discovered – and enjoyed – by ancient cultures thousands of years ago, we can declare that we are now entering a new Golden Age. The gold skin care series by Seacret contains innovative, creative blends of premium 24 karat gold powder. The result: a range of facial products that capture the natural benefits of gold, and help to make the skin radiant and healthier.

Here are a few interesting facts about the special benefits of gold:

Gold helps to renew the skin and gives it a younger, smoother look

Gold particles infused in products such as serum and moisturizing cream help to regenerate skin cell functioning, slow collagen loss, and improve elasticity. Improved elasticity gives the skin a firmer look, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and radiates real renewal that doesn't come just from the external surface. In order to achieve the best results, especially for skin at the early stages of aging, it is recommended to incorporate Gold Core Timeless Face Serum and Gold Core Timeless Moisturizer into your daily beauty care routine. Another Seacret product, Gold Core Timeless Hyaluronic Booster, helps to strengthen the skin's natural renewal processes, with a blend of gold particles and hyaluronic acid molecules. This unique blend encourages the skin to absorb and maintain a healthy moisture balance and gives it a firm, youthful look.

Gold protects the skin from inflammation and impurities

Gold enables a larger amount of oxygen to penetrate the skin cells, which helps to reduce inflammation and slow the growth of bacteria. Regular use of gold-enriched products helps to revive the skin, yet also aids in preventing future damage while preparing the skin to better absorb essential, nourishing ingredients. If you want to maximize the benefits of gold, it is recommended to add Gold Core Timeless Dual Action Mask to your beauty routine. The double action mask thoroughly cleanses the skin and gives it a renewed, more radiant appearance.

Gold helps to deeply hydrate the skin

Excellent hydration is determined by the capability of moisturizing ingredients to penetrate the deeper skin layers. Tiny gold particles improve blood circulation and help transport moisture deep into the skin. The result? Vibrant glowing skin that looks healthy, smoother and full of life.