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5 Pro Tips For An Even Better Hair Wash

In the day-to-day bustle of life, there are some things we do on autopilot, like washing our hair. But, if you look closer, you may find that the habits you've adopted for this simple daily task are not maximizing the result. First and foremost, a good hair wash is meant to keep the hair clean. But with a few extra steps, a routine shampoo can become an opportunity to nurture and nourish your hair, making it healthier, full of vitality and shine. What tips should you know about before your next hair wash? We've gathered the best advice from hair care experts.

Clean Start

Tips for better hair

Many people use a range of different hair products. From styling creams or gels, to sculpting products and no-rinse conditioners, the hair is never really clean. So before shampooing, it is important to first rinse the hair, removing as much of this excess residue as possible. Only then can you properly cleanse the hair with the help of shampoo. So before your next hair wash, rinse your hair well in warm water to clean off the top grimy layer to prepare it for the next stage – shampoo.

Don't overdo it

Even if you take your hair wash very seriously, don't take it too far. It's important to tame your shampooing action, because of the delicate skin of the scalp underneath. Use soft, gentle motions, without aggressive scrubbing that may irritate the scalp. The areas close to the hair roots are prone to build up of oils and dirt, so your shampooing action should focus on that area, getting gentler as you move along the hair to the tips. There is no need to overdo it when it comes to the amount of shampoo you use either. When it comes to washing the hair, the expression "the more the merrier" just doesn't apply. Use only a small amount of shampoo – just enough to cover the hair. And in most instances (except when the hair is very oily or dirty), there is no need to shampoo twice. At SEACRET, we’ve developed two dedicated products that will give your daily hair wash routine more focus. Our Mineral Rich Hydrating Mud Shampoo is formulated for daily hair washing, and Deep Cleansing Mud Shampoo is meant for a deeper cleanse. What do they have in common? Both products cleanse the hair and balance the moisture level.

Know your hair

Knowing your hair type and its specific needs are two important keys to your ideal hair wash. If your hair is particularly oily or dry, it is recommended to choose a dedicated shampoo formulated to treat the specific issue. Yet choosing a high quality shampoo "for all hair types" can also be an effective solution. Read the fine print on the packaging and look for ingredients that can make the difference for you and your hair.

Location, Location

Conditioner is an essential part of every hair wash routine. To get the most out of your conditioner, it is recommended to avoid using it on the scalp area. The scalp, which produces its own natural oils, doesn't need conditioning. Apply conditioner to the middle section of your hair, then down toward the tips. SEACRET's Mineral-Rich Vitalizing Conditioner combines the final conditioning stage with deep nurturing action, giving the hair a healthy vital look.

Gentle drying

We are approaching the finish line of the perfect hair wash! But stay with us – we're not there yet…Complete your perfect hair wash the best possible way by gentle drying with a soft towel. There's no need to wring the hair aggressively; just use soft circular motions to absorb excess moisture.

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