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The Difference between Day and Night Skin Care

Moisturizer is an essential product for protecting facial skin. There is no argument about this but is there a genuine need for two separate products for day and night? If you still have doubts, you should discover the real reasons why a product designed for daytime cannot be used at night and vice versa. Here are several differences between day and night.

The question surrounding the necessity of a special cream for night is similar to questions that were raised when serum products entered the grooming arsenal and were perceived to be another marketing product. Today, they are considered an integral part of proper care. Is there really a need for more than one moisturizer? The simple answer is that the skin drinks during the day and eats at night. The more complex answer addresses the understanding of how various systems in the skin work, particularly the defensive barrier and renewal process.

Daylight Hours

One of the main causes of rapid aging of the skin is exposure to sunlight. Effective daytime cream must contain components that neutralize the sun's damage to the skin, such as vitamins and anti-oxidants. Vitamins A, E and C are known to prevent and repair damage caused by the sun as well as reinforcing the skin's defense system.

The components of rich moisturizer are another vital element in a good daytime cream since water comprises approximately 75% of the skin and reaches the skin in two primary ways: drinking or absorption through the skin. Water, a key element in the skin's layers, plays an important role in maintaining a young, healthy appearance. It serves as a conductor of nutritious elements from the deep skin layers to the upper skin layers. Without sufficient level of moisture, skin becomes extremely taut and hinders all of the processes that protect its vitality. Skin appears gray, pale and listless. Wrinkles form quickly and deeply. The skin's texture becomes rough and crude, sensitive to touch, irritated and stressed. Applying moisturizer every morning allows the skin to function normally, visibly reducing wrinkles and fine lines, as well as hydrating and protecting the skin from harmful sunlight.

SEACRET Age Defying Refresh Vitamin Rich Moisturizer is rich in ingredients that moisturizes the skin, such as chamomile, aloe vera, Vitamin C and primrose oil.

Night Cream

Skin has a wonderful mechanism that repairs damages. This is why it forms a scar after an injury, renews itself following a burn and even refines dry wrinkles in the skin. The repair mechanism works during while the skin is at rest, at night, during which all skin renewal and recovery processes occur. Night cream, in addition to being rich in vital moisture elements, should provide the skin with the nutrients and energy it needs for cellular activity at night.

Vital Components for the Night

Night cream is richer and more viscous in texture, containing a higher concentration of active ingredients that energize the skin at night. Night cream may contain the following ingredients:

Minerals, Vitamins and Antioxidants

Essential elements for skin that suffers from high exposure to the sun, for skin that is tired and suffers from a lack of suppleness and flaccidity. Both minerals and vitamins supply the skin with the energy it requires for every action, while the antioxidants neutralize the free radical activity triggered by sunlight and environmental pollution, which harm health cells throughout the day.

Age Defying Rehydrate Vitamin-Rich Night Creamby Seacret is enriched with Vitamins A and E microcapsules, which protect the active ingredient until it reaches the skin. Vitamin A plays a critical role in new cell production, creating a layer of thicker and smoother outer skin, renewing collagen fibers responsible for flexibility and prevents damage caused by UV rays responsible for deep wrinkles that form in the dermis layer.

Alpha and Beta Acids

Seacret's night cream contains a combination of alpha and beta hydroxyl acides that encourage the skin's natural renewal, as well as helps moisturizers penetrate the skin. The combination of lactic acid, glycolic acid, malic acid and citric acid prevents the accumulation of gray cells in the upper layer by dissolving the intracellular glue, which speeds up the natural exfoliation of these cells and exposes a new skin layer.

Peptides and Rich Moisture

Rich moisturizing elements such as shea butter, olive oil extract and jojoba oil create a layer of moisture that allows the skin to alleviate the accumulating stresses and focus on restoration and renewal.
AGE DEFYING night cream also contains a concentration of essential peptides for tired, dull skin. Peptides have been proven to be effective in cosmetic use, treating wrinkles and aging skin.
Skin that is properly nourished at night reflects its condition the next morning. The skin is flexible, moisturized and ready to cope with the next hours of stress generated by the urban environment. In order to complete the cycle and continue to allow the skin to look younger – do not forget to apply a generous amount of moisture-rich day cream.

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