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The Face Mask that Gives You More

There are many ways to nourish and smooth the skin. But if you're looking for a truly unique and powerful face mask alternative, look no further than M4 Mineral Rich Magnetic Mud Mask by Seacret. The M4 mask is a veritable feast for the skin. It combines incredibly rich, healthful ingredients in a smooth formula based on minerals and mud from the Dead Sea.

But the M4 mask truly surpasses the standard face mask experience with its innovative use of bio-magnetic power that rejuvenates the skin, leaving it visibly smoother and glowing.

M4 Magnetic Mud Mask

Magnet in a Mask

What's the mask's hidden secret? Seacret's M4 Mineral Rich Magnetic Mud Mask is infused with fine particles of iron powder. After application, the mask residue is removed by a magnet, which creates a bio-electromagnetic current that gently boosts blood flow and energizes the skin.
Bio-magnetic power is no magic. The M4 mask by Seacret is clinically proven to enhance skin elasticity, texture and glow. Clinical trials were recently conducted according to international standards in a state-of-the-art Korean laboratory. The product was tested on 20 women aged between 20 and 60. After a two-week trial period, the M4 mask results were amazing: skin elasticity was shown to have improved by 76%; 80% of the trial participants reported an improvement in skin texture; and 85% reported enhanced skin glow.

Minerals, Mud & Magnetism: The Perfect Anti-Aging Formula

It's not just the magnet that does the trick. It's also the incredibly concentrated mask formula that contains Dead Sea mud, Dead Sea minerals, essential oils, pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E. Together, this cocktail of ingredients provides the skin with an ultra-nourishing, antioxidant-rich boost that is amplified by the power of bio-magnetic waves as they lift the mask away from the skin.

The New Face Mask Routine

It's quite different than using a regular mask, but with a little practice, the M4 Mineral Rich Magnetic Mud Mask is a truly effective and luxurious skin care experience. After applying the formula to clean facial skin, wait five minutes. Then wrap the magnet in a tissue, and run it over the face, at a very close distance but without touching the skin. The mask is lifted away by the force of the magnet. The remaining residue, rich in healthy minerals, essential oils and vitamins, can then be massaged in, penetrating deeply to deliver healthy nourishing goodness directly to the skin.

Much more than a face mask, the M4 Mineral Rich Magnetic Mud Mask by Seacret is the nextgeneration skin care, a blend of antiaging ingredients and innovative magnetic power that is proven to enhance skin luminosity and texture by 85%. That's how skin care should be.