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The Ultimate Way to Brush & Comb Your Hair

Throughout history, people have always looked for ways to sculpt, style and beautify their hair. There is evidence of the use of hairbrushes and combs in ancient cultures. Yet in the modern age, combing and brushing the hair has turned from a privilege of the elites, to a basic everyday activity. When it comes to brushing the hair, just like many other parts of your daily beauty routine, you can make small changes that will transform a hurried, 'on-the-go' action into one that takes advantage of its full potential. What should you know before you next reach for your hairbrush? Here are all the answers that will make the difference.

Personalized brushing
The hairbrush may seem like a generic off-the-shelf product, but just the opposite is true. You can turn your daily hair brushing into an effective, hair-friendly experience by choosing a brush suited to your hair type. If your hair is thin or prone to breakage, you can protect it by using a brush designed to reduce harm during styling. SEACRET's hairbrushes are a great solution, giving you a choice between two brushes dedicated to specific hair needs: The PRO STYLING brush is designed for all hair types, and the PRO STYLING FLEXI brush is specially created for thin, brittle hair.

The right time
Combing hair that is completely wet may cause damage, due to the high moisture levels that make the hair heavy and vulnerable. The ideal time to brush hair is just before it's completely dry – when it is 80-90% dry.

Time after time

Like many other beauty care tasks, the idea of 'proportion' is key to hair brushing and combing. Long, drawn-out brushing sessions can cause hair loss or breakage, and won't make the hair look healthier. So it is recommended to brush just once a day in a thorough yet gentle way, and – whenever possible – to style or arrange the hair without using a brush or comb.

Flexibility matters
In order to allow the most gentle and effective brushing motion, it's recommended to choose a brush that has an ergonomic design, such as SEACRET's brushes. The ergonomic design gives you total control over the brush, without any risk of causing damage and without the need to use extraneous force. Using a brush like this promises a safer and more personalized brushing experience.

Clean intentions
Most of the things we use in our day to day lives require maintenance. This is also true of your hairbrush, which is a trap for potential bugs and bacteria. Especially since it comes into contact with your skin and hair, the importance of keeping your hairbrush clean is even greater. The frequency that you'll need to clean your hairbrush depends on a range of factors, such as the times you use it, the local climate and others. So, you'll need to work out your hairbrush cleaning routine according to the season, your individual level of hair loss, and the way your hairbrush is stored.

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