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How to Avoid the Most Common Mascara Mistakes

Mascara is without a doubt a lifesaver to us all. One simple application of mascara can change your look in seconds, and help you to look and feel great. Using mascara may seem easy, but actually there are a number of common mistakes that make it more complicated and less effective than it should be.
What are the most common mascara 'sins', and how can we avoid them?
Here are all the answers.

Seacret's unique patented mascara

Root of the problem

Only complete coverage of your lashes will give them the voluminous, upgraded look you desire. The natural tendency is to cover just the edges of the lashes and to neglect the root. Avoid this mistake by positioning the brush at the root and applying an even layer of mascara along the entire lash, until the very tips. It is recommended to combine long, lengthy motions, 'zig-zags', and sideways motions to cover the entire lash. In addition, make sure to blink between each layer application to separate the lashes and prepare them for the next layer. The unique carved structure of Seacret's mascara brush promises a high-quality, even application, every time.

Don’t overdo it

The saying 'more is more' is not always true. At least not when it comes to using mascara. One of the more common mascara mistakes is using too much mascara that creates uneven, lumpy lashes. Applying the correct thickness with a high-quality brush will go a long way to preventing this mistake. If the brush picks up too much mascara, turn the brush gently while still inside the tube, until you achieve the desired amount. Never pump the brush in and out of the tube. This brings more air inside the tube, and damages the mascara's durability.

The right order

Eyelash curling is considered a critical part of creating a dramatic look. If you use an eyelash curler, it is recommended to use it before applying mascara. Many women use the curler after applying mascara, and this slightly ruins that original natural look that is achieved with mascara. Another solution is to use a mascara that has a curved brush, like Seacret's mascara. This type of brush will achieve the curled look, without you needing to bother with an eyelash curler.

Optimal conditions

Due to the fact that mascara is applied to the delicate eye area, it's important to take extra care. Make sure to store your mascara properly, in a clean shaded area that won't expose the product to strong sun rays, and always stick to the expiry date provided by the manufacturer.

Last but not least

By far, the most common mascara mistake is removing mascara in a harsh or overly aggressive way. Most mascaras, especially waterproof or long lasting types, require thorough removal, which may cause damage to the eye or scratch the skin. Seacret's unique patented mascara formula allows for easy, hassle-free removal. Just rinse the eyes in a bit of warm water, and the mascara comes off in the most gentle, friendly way for your eyes and skin.

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