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How to Give Yourself a Flawless At-Home Manicure

Beautiful nails are healthy nails and healthy nails are beautiful nails. Maintaining ideal nails that look fabulous doesn't have to be time or money intensive. If you want to take a break from the salon; save time, money, and hassle; and at the same time maintain beautifully shaped and painted nails, rest assured you can do a successful DIY manicure at home, even if you have never tried it before. In this short guide, we’ll help you to nail the perfect at-home manicure in a few key manicure steps.

at home manicure guide

Can you really achieve salon-worthy results?

Salon-standard at-home manicure is totally possible. From prepping the right way to shaping your nails to perfection – all you need is the right equipment, some practice, and a few manicure tips like the ones we’re about to present.

What do you need for an at-home manicure?

There are a few must-haves and some nice-to-haves to achieve a beautiful home manicure. If you like to paint your nails, make sure to have a gentle-formula nail polish remover, soft cotton pads and swabs, base coat, and nail polish.

Now regardless of whether you paint your nail or not, you must have nail file/emery board to shape your nails, a cuticle pusher to push down the excess and/or overgrown cuticles, a cuticle nipper to trim ingrown nails with precision, a buffing block to smooth out any rough edges on the nail, and cuticle oil to achieve nails that look strong and healthy. You’ll also want to have hand lotion or moisturizer to achieve soft, supple skin on the hands for the perfect finishing touch. Seacret Nail Care Collection comes with a nail file, buffing block, cuticle oil, and lotion – taking care of half the at-home manicure shopping list.

A step-by-step guide to a flawless DIY manicure

Step 1.
Remove any nail polish thoroughly.
Pro tip:
Do this gently, without pressing on nails.

Step 2. File your nails. Start at the outer edge of each nail, at around 60-degree angle against the edge, file along the nail towards the center. Repeat this movement until the desired shape is achieved.
Pro tip:
File in one direction only. Avoid “sawing” in a back and forth motion.

Step 3. Use the buffing block to smooth each nail. Use the coarse side of the buffing block once a month for about 5 seconds. This will smooth the natural nail surface and deeply clean the nail. Every two weeks, use the soft side of the block, again for about 5 seconds, to create a flawless polish, and the softest silky side of the block to buff to natural glossy perfection.
Pro tip:
Clean your buffing block periodically with a dry, clean cloth.

Step 4. Time to take care of your cuticles. Rub cuticle oil on the cuticle and surrounding skin, and massage until fully absorbed. Using the cuticle pusher, gently push overgrown cuticles back. Do this slowly, with patience. Next, if you have ingrown nails, use the cuticle nipper to trim them.
Pro tip:
Use cuticle oil at least once a week.

Step 5. Moisturize your hands with a lotion or moisturizer.
Pro tip:
Massage the product gently until fully absorbed.

Step 6. Apply the nail polish base coat.
Pro tip:
Allow the base coat to set before applying color.

Step 7. Shake the nail polish bottle before application. Open the bottle, dip the brush into the polish, and wipe off excess on the inside of the bottleneck. Apply the color on the nail using long and even strokes, first down to the center of the nail, then apply on the sides.
Pro tip:
Avoid dabbing on polish, and avoid putting color on the cuticle.

Step 8. Apply a second coat to cover missed areas.
Pro tip:
To correct and perfect the results, remove the unwanted color from cuticles and skin with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover.

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