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It’s High Time You Add Face Oil to Your Skincare Routine

Face oils are excellent for anyone whose skin needs a concentrated boost of moisture, especially in winter months, low-humidity environments, dry climates or stressful times. Face oils return life to your skin, prevent water loss, add extra nourishment, and promote a healthy radiance. By soothing your skin in the process, they calm and perfect your complexion and act as a protective barrier against environmental pollution.

A good face oil is noncomedogenic – meaning, it doesn’t clog pores – and passes through the skin easily. It becomes a veil of luminous comfort on your face, empowering it on a daily basis to take on the stresses of modern life. With a good facial oil, you can rehab your dull, dry, lackluster complexion – instantly and in the long run.

Seacret Face Oil

Are face oils right for you?

Not every miracle product works miracles for everyone. Because not only do we have different skin types, we each also have changing skin needs depending on our age, where we live, and how we live. Generally speaking, most face oils are formulated for dry, normal, sensitive or prematurely aging skin.

If you already have an anti-aging beauty regimen, adding face oil to your routine is a must. A powerful facial oil contains antioxidants and protects your skin by counteracting and reducing free radical production. It works to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and keep your skin plump.

A five-star face oil from Seacret

Seacret’s Rewater Face Oil features a dual-phase formula that contains skin-feeding essential oils blended with a high concentration of ultra-healing Dead Sea water. It’s lightweight non-greasy texture melts into the skin and works well under makeup.

It comes with a natural lavender scent – not artificial fragrance – thanks to a potent fusion of lavender oil in the formula. Rich in moisture, lavender oil boosts circulation, hydrates even the driest skin, and helps create a youthful appearance. The formula also contains avocado oil to deeply nourish and soothe the skin, and olive oil to soften it. Rich in vitamins A, E and D, potassium, sulfur and chlorine, the formula is an excellent antioxidant emollient.

How to use your face oil correctly

Applying face oil is easier than you might think. Use it right before serum and moisturizer. Or, you can also mix two drops with your moisturizer. To use, simply apply a few drops to the top of your hand and mix. Next, gently press onto your face. Use morning and evening if you have dry or normal skin. If you have oily skin, use only in the evening.

Whether you’re a Seacret fan or new to it, we recommend using Rewater Face Oil with Age-Defying Refresh Vitamin-rich Moisturizer and Age-Defying Rehydrate Night Cream to maximize your skincare routine and achieve soft, beautiful, age-proof skin.