Once you have purchased your Seacret Spa Nail Buffer, you will automatically be awarded with a 12 month Quality Assurance Warranty. Your warranty will begin from the day of purchase; you are entitled to this warranty if you have purchased the buffer from a local retailer or online (only at) www.seacretspa.com.


Our Seacret warranty entitles you to one (1) buffer block replacement within the first twelve (12) months of purchase. The replacement will be made providing that your buffing block is damaged, defective or your buffer block has worn out.


Requirements for using Warranty:


1. An original receipt (proof of purchase) – you will be requested to upload a copy of your receipt during this process, this can be done by scanning a copy or via a photograph– the copy needs to be of a good quality and easily visible.


2. A shipping address of the country from which you have logged into the website.


How do I redeem my buffer replacement warranty?


1. Make sure you have all the requirements mentioned above.


2. Click onto the following link, you will need to pay for shipping and handling so Seacret can send you your new replacement.